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5 reasons to buy the Samsung S10 instead of the New Galaxy S20

Here are 5 reasons to buy the older Samsung S10 instead of the New Galaxy S20.

The first reason why you should buy the Galaxy S10 is because it’s much cheaper. You would save over R6000 by purchasing a S10 instead of the newer S20. It is definitely the better option for those looking to spend less than R19 000 on a new phone. That’s why a great way to save money is by purchasing a demo or CPO phone.

The S10 may not have the newest camera, but it still has a notable triple-lens setup capable of taking high quality photos. It features a triple-lens camera that includes a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. This allows you to shoot in a variety of modes, like being able to zoom in up to 10x digitally. It can actually capture images with a field of view 3 degrees more than the S20’s wide-angle lens.

The Galaxy S10 has most of the same features as the S20, including reverse wireless charging, allowing you to charge a device such as wireless headphones or another phone by placing it on the back of the Galaxy S10. As well as the in-screen fingerprint sensor and a borderless screen.

The S20 may be slightly faster, but the Galaxy S10 performs just as fast and efficiently as you would need it to. It’s fast enough for your usual daily tasks such as sending emails, playing games, or checking social media.

If you’re not too concerned about 5G connectivity, especially since 5G is limited in South Africa and only supported in select areas, the S10 might be the better option for you as the 5G connectivity of the S20 will most likely remain redundant for now.

Overall, if you want a phone that can take high-quality photos but having a super high-tech camera and 5G connectivity is not essential to you, then the Galaxy S10 is definitely worth purchasing.

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