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Cell phone Water Damage? What to do next?

There are many of us who land up running in the rain with our device in-hand, dropping our phone in water and other such creative ways to cause our phones to stop functioning immediately or over time. We are therefore left with a device with water damage and corrosion.

We ask ourselves, what next? Do we stick our phone in rice and hope for a miraculous absorption? Or do we get our facts straight and take the true necessary steps. Take your phone for repairs immediately as this will save the phone short term and long term. This is the correct process to take place once your phone has been in water (Leave to professionals with correct machinery):

Disconnect phone from power. (Take battery out)

Pull phone apart. Displace water with pure alcohol. Remove board

Desolder shield (Without desoldering shield you are not addressing 80% of the problem)

Place device in Ultrasonic machinery

Once done apply isopurple alcohol (Alcohol displaces water)

Brush off loosened corrosion

Use compressed air to dry

The phone is then read like a “map” by taking a look at the capacitors and filters if the process has helped repair the device

Dry off board completely using a lamp preferably

Phone is then put together to see if it turns on and functions

When taking your phone to a phone repair shop to repair water damage-make sure you ask the following questions before releasing your phone to them:

Do you remove the shields? What Ultrasonic device are you using? If you would like to watch the full video on this process go to the following link:

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