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December 2016 will bring you a plant that can charge your iPhone

Talk about green energy, 21st Century living brings you the most energy efficient way to charge your phone and it is incredible.

Barcelona-based company Arkyne Technologies recognizes the value in starting with renewable energy, being both lucrative and sustainable. After releasing successful prototypes, they released a incredible pot plant called Bioo Lite which can charge any smartphone or tablet. This is not your average pot plant as it does a little more than bring some colour and nature into a room.

Remember that thing called photosynthesis that we learnt about in high school? Well, it has finally become relevant to your everyday practice. The charging pot plant device utilizes photosynthesis, transferring energy from the plant. The process of sunshine turning carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and organic compounds, breaks down bacteria to charge your phone via a USB port. All you’ll need for this to work is a USB cable, your phone, and a plant to place in the pot plant container. The pot plant comes with all the necessary hardware, including the USB plug, for this to work. Bioo Lite promises up to three charges a day, and produces energy all day long. You do have to keep your plant alive, as tough as that may be.

While the magical device isn’t on the market yet, it is said to be available December 2016. Units are available on pre-order if you wish to participate in the crowd funding campaign which will allow you to purchase the charging device at $111 (around R1582.00). Yes, that’s more expensive than your traditional wall feature, but the real question is, can you really put a price on saving our planet?

At Techexchange we try to factor in the environment at every point, by recycling your devices and utilizing some environmentally friendly Tech Tips. Let’s see how consumers react to this new eco-friendly device, we definitely think it is worth the extra spend.

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