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Facebooks New Update Will Introduce the 360-degree Selfie

Facebook has become part of the way the world communicates and shares content. We find that, keeping up with a friends does not require conversation but rather just taking a look at their wall. What if we told you that Facebook will now be able to virtually take you to the places your friends are?

People thought that Facebook was mad for acquiring virtual reality (VR) company Oculus for $2 billion back in 2014, but it looks like its about to be put to good use. We all love taking panorama images, but to be honest they are more often than not, not so easy to look at. The panorama image requires for you to squint at a very skinny and long picture posted by your friend on Facebook. It’s not particularly enjoyable, and that’s why the giant social network is changing that.

Facebook-owned Oculus announced on its blog that it’s working with Facebook to release 360 photos for News Feed, which Facebook users will start seeing in the coming weeks. So, how is this going to work? Take a panorama photo as you normally would on your iPhone or Android device, then simply upload it to Facebook. From there, friends with VR headsets can download the Oculus 360 Photos app to “experience” the space, and those who are scrolling through their feed on phones can move around the image by touching and dragging the photo. Next time you are in an incredible place with a breathtaking view, shoot a panorama pic and let your friends experience your reality.

For your friends, it may not be as great as lying on the beach in Knysna, but atleast they won’t get sunburnt!

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