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Four essential Apps for every Smartphone User

Have you ever been stuck in a predicament, only to be told there’s already an App for that? From holiday bookings, mobile banking, to guitar tuning and instant translations, mobile applications have become an essential part of of how we interact today.

In fact, before their proliferation amongst smartphone users nowadays, how did we even survive without them? In the context of South Africa, here are our four top Apps that no smartphone should go without, in order to get the important things done properly.

Google Maps (available on Android – Free) Navigation

One of Googles flagship Apps, it has made everybody an expert in navigation and travel management. Its key advantage over Apple iOs inbuilt Maps App is its pinpoint accuracy and ability to read your Current Location and present your search, with a host of nearby amenities, that you might need to search later. Too easy! With its satellite imagery, you can also see that guesthouse entrance in the Karoo, or differentiate between house 95A and 95B in the suburbs before you take to the road. (Google Maps comes pre-loaded with every Android device) (Download Google Maps for iOS)

GauRider; MyCitiApp; (available on iOs and Android) Transport

Depending on which city you live in and work in, your daily commute may rely heavily on the Gautrain or the MyCiti bus transport system. Both providers have rolled out Apps that communicate with their customers, and notify of any disruptions that may arise. Proudly developed by South Africans, these Apps are a must-have for both daily commuters and visitors to Gauteng and the Mother City. Download: GauRider: iOS only MyCitiApp: Android, iOS

The Entertainer App (available on iOs and Android, R295-495) Discounts

Working on the concept of Buy one, get one free, the Entertainer App has been a revelation, to anybody who enjoys the finer things in life, at a discount. Now available for Joburg/Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, it allows you to save thousands on dining, activities, selected accommodation and spa treatment. With more vendors signing up each year, it is your digital passport to live life to the full, and treat your partner to a special night out, more than once in a blue moon. Download: Android, iOS

ESET Parental Control (available on Android ) Parental Tracking

While the strict parental control of kids online activities is still a moral grey area, Apps such as ESET represent a crucial safeguard to what your children are exposed to, on the internet. Like Apple Founder Steve Jobs, you can also manage what applications your children can use, and how long they can stay online for. While to some, it represents an invasion of privacy, it allows families to set boundaries on technology in homes and prevent tech addiction. Available free as a Basic Edition, with the option to upgrade, at a small cost. Download: Android

With over 2 million Apps available today, and many more developed locally for South Africans, you can pretty much do anything on your smartphone. TechExchange provides fantastic once-off data subscriptions, which allow you to match your Apps usage to a plan that is affordable and free of nasty surprises. Browse through their competitive Plans, starting from 100mb per month x 12 months, and apply today. Be smart, Get connected.

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