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Switching from iPhone to an Android device. What to expect.

Having made the grand leap from your first smartphone to a more sophisticated Apple iPhone, the chances are, you’ve likely left Androids operating system in the dust, and become accustomed to Apples consistent interface and will never look back. However, not everybody gels with Apples standalone operating system. Some will feel they’ve exhausted every effort to become Apple-savvy, and feel the time has come to cross back over the Android bridge.

Of course, with the investment in your OS apps, media, contacts and system updates, its never as simple as a sim-swop! Let us unbox a few of the challenges of switching from iOS to Android, and how to best prepare for the transition to the opposing platform.

Transferring Contacts and Files between Phones. Trouble-free file and contacts transferring is likely to be top of your agenda, after you’ve chosen a new, feature loaded Android device. There are a ton of Apps claiming to transfer all your files in one easy click. We recommend you sync your iCloud to transfer files and import all your important numbers and email into your Google Contacts. If you don’t already have a Google account, you can easily register a new account at to quickly get started.

This is where the real debate rages between which operating system trumps the other. Before making the switch to Android, apps such as Safari, Maps, ITunes and iCloud were second nature to you. With Android, you are essentially signing up for a passport of Googles massive range of similar services. The principal benefit of falling under this umbrella, is that you can access all your work files, Google drive folders, contacts and calendars on any device, through your Google login credentials. While it is not as tightly secure as Apple’s ecosystem, it does offer greater user flexibility and limit the dependence on a single smartphone device.

Smart watches are definitely here to stay, and have become a genuine computing platform and extension to your smartphone device. Apple, as pioneers of wearable technology lead the field with their stunning Watch series. If you already own one, youll be disappointed to know that they are not compatible with Android devices. Chances are, in reading this far, you havent invested too deep into Apples connected devices. There are a huge range of quality smartwatches from brands such as Samsung, Garmin, Sony and even Tag Heuer, which run on the Android platform. With Google recently updated their Android Wear series, there is finally a contender that can possibly knock Apples iPhone and Watch off their perch!

The great Apple versus Android debate has become one of the greatest rivalries of the digital age. Whether you are investing in your first smartphone, or taking the leap away from Apple iOS, Tech Exchange has a comprehensive range of new and demo Android devices. Make the transition as smooth as possible, with a quality device, bundled with an unbeatable data subscription. With different available weekly, switch to Android and enjoy fantastic savings. Be Smart. Get Connected.

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