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Valuable uses for your old smartphone

Before you throw away your old smartphone, first check out these interesting ways you can use it.

Most people are always looking for the latest smartphone, and the outdated one usually ends up being given away, thrown away or left in a drawer. Don’t forget that these old smartphones can still have many uses, from TV remote controls to baby monitors.

The first step is to free up some space on the old phone by deleting unwanted photos, apps, music, backups etc. This will make the phone much faster. It is best to reset the phone to its factory settings and then install any updates it may need.

Did you know that it is also possible to turn the old smartphone into a landline phone? That is, assuming your Internet connection has a landline telephony. Most routers have an app that can turn a smartphone into a landline phone in the network of your home.

You can also use the phone as a remote control for your media player, television and other devices. Even without an infrared transmitter installed, it’s easy to find an app that can turn the phone into a controller using wifi. In some cases, it is actually easier to use a smartphone than a TV remote control as you wont need to enter any passcodes.

An old smartphone can also be used as a controller for smart home devices, or as a music player for your speakers. You can do this by connecting wirelessly or with an audio jack. Your music can then be played from your phone library or from the internet.

Smartphones are full of modern technology, another reason why they can be extremely useful. Using the right app, their motion sensors and cameras allow them to be used as home surveillance. Another way to make use of smartphone sensors is to use it as a baby monitor. With the right app installed, the smartphone can be placed next to the child’s bed and will transmit any noise to another tablet or phone using the wifi connection.

There is an endless amount of apps you can use to turn your old phone into something useful. Just remember to always be cautious and first find out what the app will do with your data before installing it.

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