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What are Demo, Pre-owned and Refurbished Phones

Have you always purchased a new phone from a cellphone store or do you get a free phone from your network provider? Well, if you answered yes then you have been overcharged on your last cellphones but it is not too late to save big bucks.

Retailers selling new phones are overpriced while contract phones advertise the phone as free but you pay for it over a 24 or 12 month period. You could be saving on your cellphone contract by choosing a contract with no handset. This could be anywhere from a R200 saving to as much as R1000 a month. If you’re reading this article then you have already realised that you could be saving up to 50% on your cellphone by buying a Demo or Pre-owned cellphone.

But you might not know a few things about Demo and pre-owned smartphones.

Quality & Warranty

Unfortunately, there are a some terrible stories out there about people buying second hand phones on classified websites and not only losing their money but receiving a faulty or stolen phone. Buying from people you don’t know and who do not offer a warranty or guarantee on their products is a big NO. You should receive at least a 3 month warranty and have 7 days to test out the phone and be completely satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there and theft in cellphones is very high in South Africa so ensure you are always buying from a trusted source and be extra careful. A general rule is to find a seller you can trust, that has a return policy as well as a warranty. Look them up online, either on Facebook or see if you can find previous customer reviews.

Techexchange has been selling on Bidorbuy since 2010 and has a 100% positive rating from over 300 customers:

What is Demo

Once you identify a good seller, there’s less risk of getting a stolen or faulty smartphone. However, you still need to know what the condition is of the smartphones. Techexchange sell Demo phones and smartphones at a fraction of the cost of a new phone. These are phones that for one reason or another have been out of their package at some point in time, customer returns, factory seconds or phones used very briefly. They are in ‘as new’ condition with minimal / no marks on them. They come in their original box and contain all their original parts and accessories. Techexchange runs thorough tests on them before they go out for sale. They are up to 50% cheaper because they aren’t brand new and we are able to buy them cheaper than retail stores and networks buy new phones. Techexchange thoroughly tests every demo phone and guarantees that they are in perfect condition externally and internally. If you notice anything you are not 100% satisfied, Techexchange will refund your money or exchange your purchase. They also offer a Techexchange 6-month warranty which covers the phone in the event of any hardware and manufacturer faults. Alternatively the balance of the manufacturer warranty will be intact on newer models. For further information on the warranty refer to their terms and conditions:

What is Pre-owned

Pre-owned is a phone that has been purchased back from a customer who no longer wants the phone or has traded in for an upgrade. Pre-owned are used phones that receive a 40 point check before being purchase to resell. These phones are not perfect but offer great value in price and receive a 3 month warranty and our 7 day guarantee.. Pre-owned devices do not come in their original box but a generic box and charger are provided and headphones can be purchased separately. Pre-owned phones are certified to be fully functional and cosmetically acceptable by our high standards. If you are not fully satisfied we will happily exchange or refund your purchase within the first 7 days of receiving your phone as long as it is returned in the same packaging and condition it was received.


We try to be as clear and transparent as possible when it comes to describing pre-owned phones conditions You just need to know three basic levels which we break down for you.

The first level is excellent, the device will look and function like new except for very minor marks. Battery levels will not be perfect and will have at least 65% of their cycle left. This is different from battery life which we cannot confirm as it depends what apps you use and how often as well as call time.

The second level is Good, Techexchange will never sell or buy anything less than good which generally has minor signs of use in the form of scratches or small nick or ding on a corner. All device screens will always be in excellent condition even on the phones graded as good condition.

The third level is also known as used smartphones. When you buy a used smartphone, you’re getting it as is. No repairs, no fixed parts. When buying a used smartphone be sure to read the description to know exactly what you are getting.


Refurbished smartphones are equivalent to brand new devices, reconditioned to ‘Factory New’ states. Complete with a brand new body and usually screen and battery. These devices are fully tested and quality checked to guaranteed to function as new. Packaging is provided in a customised box with generic accessories. Warranties vary with every refurbished product.

Save your pocket and buy a quality Demo, Pre-owned or Refurbished smartphone from Techexchange.

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