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What to think about when buying your next smartphone

Smartphones have become essential in our every day lives. Looking back you would not believe that we could have ever survived without one let alone the fact that the average person looks at their phone every 12 minutes. That means you are burying your head into your phone almost 80 times a day. What started off as a simple communications tools has become so embedded in our daily lives it would be wise to ensure you are buying the best smartphone for your needs.

Here are some tips to help you choose:


Probably not the most important criteria but deciding whether you prefer Android or Apple IOS will help you navigate the operating system of your choice more comfortably and quickly. Both are very good and offer mostly the same apps and features. However, if you are an Apple user it would help to have all your Apple devices able to talk to each other and use the same cloud service. Android users are more open to changing brands as the operating system is the same across all devices and makes it easy to change brands with Android.


Smartphones can range from R499 to tens of thousands of Rands. Be way when signing up a new contract as though it may seem a good deal you are paying for the phone through your contract with the network and become tied to a 24-month contract. When data and voice costs drop you will be stuck with the deal you signed until the contract is terminated. So you may benefit from a slightly subsidies cost of your device in the long run it may cost you when the networks continue to battle of charges and competing with each other.

Techexchange offers deals on its Demo and certified Pre-owned smartphones, allowing you to buy a phone that would normally costs you 25% – 45% more when buying it from a retail store or brand new. This savings could be anywhere from R200 – R5000 when buying a Demo or Pre-owned Smartphone and allow you to get the next best choice on your list.


Our phones are now able to record our life’s precious moments anywhere we go, so its no wonder the cameras on our phones are far superior than the cameras we used to purchase or even dare we say a disposable camera. Besides a phone like the Huawei P30 Pro that has up-to 3 cameras built-in, you are now able to ensure you have the best possible shot with multiple effects to enhance your photos. Look out for high Megapixels and High definition (anywhere from 480p 2160p) options for video as well as any additional features if taking photos and videos is your thing. Don’t forget that front facing selfie cam, although these cameras are generally lower quality that still far better than the cameras of the 90s.


Our phones are so powerful and being used throughout the day for anything from watching a movie, chatting over WhatsApp’s and sharing videos to browsing the internet that even the best battery’s just don’t last long enough. Look out for things like fast charging and wireless charging to save you time. Batteries capacity is measured in milliamps and depending on the phones size can range anywhere from 500mAh to 4500mAh. Check things like talk time and standby time when deciding on a phone to suit your needs.


There are two types of memory to be aware of. The first the amount of memory you phone can store which is generally referred to in Gigabytes or GB. Ensure you choose a phone with enough storage memory to suit your needs and look at options of storing your photos and videos in the cloud to free up precious space and have a secure backup that cannot get lost.& The second memory is referred to as Ram or Random-Access Memory, this will decide how fast your phone is when running multiple applications and switching between them. Generally, go for a device with at least 1GB RAM.

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