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Be Smart. Get Connected.

Are you tired of over-priced and disappearing data, airtime and devices? At TechExchange, we understand your frustrations and the need for a customized solution that meets all your needs . We endeavour to provide you with the perfect fit that packages your Data or Airtime requirements, with a New, Demo or Refurbished smartphone or cellular device. You get the device you want, paired with the Data Bundle you know you will use, at the price you are comfortable with. Whether you are a casual Facebook browser, or a heavy smartphone user, TechExchange understands your usage needs, and packages a tailored solution, supplying you exactly what you need, to do what you do best.

Flexibility at an affordable Price

Service Delivery means everything to us. As such, we have partnered up with Vodacom / The Best Networks in South Africa to ensure you are connected on South Africa’s fastest LTE internet provider, and the industry leader in network quality. Where TechExchange really leverages its value for money offering is the introduction of a range of prepaid 12 month Upfront Deals customers can enjoy. Yes, you heard it correct - we strip away the pessimism of the dreaded 24 month contract, with savings of up to 50% off the retail price of similar deals in store. Even if you have been blacklisted, you are a valued customer to us, and treated no different to others.

Choose your Device and Connect to all things possible.

We stock a range of smartphones and router devices, from manufacturers you can trust like Samsung, Apple, Huawei & Sony. Getting connected is simple: Visit our website, and choose the smartphone and Monthly Data Top Up you require. Data Bundles start from 100Mb per month, paired with a 4G router for less than R799, once off. With the convenience of a Once Off Payment, TechExchange streamlines everything you need to stay online. Finance Options are also available, should customers wish to purchase packages over a period of 6 months.

Information is a valuable commodity. At Tech Exchange, we have tailored a variety of Device Insurance Options, to protect you from unforeseen events.

Shop our website today, free yourself from monthly bills, and tailor YOUR ideal package - only at TechExchange.

**As industry leaders, we understand the importance of data security. We provide the highest level of care to ensure that your shopping experience is painless and secure. We take extra precautions to guarantee that your credit card information and personal data are kept private and safe so that you can enjoy a safe shopping experience.