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Discounted Premium Phones in South Africa. Cashing in on Innovation

With newer models of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy, and Apples iPhone handset being endlessly launched, it can leave the consumers feeling hard pressed to get their hands on a cutting edge phone for a discounted price. This month, in South Africa, we have had to get to grips with the iPhone Xs whirlwind entrance, complete with a price tag in excess of R20k!

While some customers cant get enough of the groundbreaking new features each handset claims to offer, it begs the question; does Phone X and Y really offer that much more, to justify their hefty Recommended Retail Price?

At TechExchange, weve found that it pays to shop around consider your options when landing a premium phone at a bargain price.

Samsung Galaxy 8 – economise with its impressive predecessor. With the countdown to phone upgrade month fast approaching, many Samsung users will ask the question; do I really need that that brand spanking new Samsung S8, or will the S7 (or even S6 for that matter) give me everything I need to communicate? Sure, the S8 does offer a few new features and an absolutely gorgeous sleek design, but in sacrificing a few luxuries, such as facial recognition and thinner border, the S7 can discount your costs by thousands of Rands, both as a prepay and contract option. Both Samsung models can navigate around Android OS effortlessly, and with the exception of the S8s night photo capturing superiority, they both pack mean camera functionality. There’s definitely a lot to be said for siding with with the older Samsung S7 to enjoy a healthy discount that can be invested elsewhere.

Apple iPhone – the X factor with a price tag to match. If you’ve been following the hype surrounding the launch of the iPhone X which has caught everybody’s eye, you may, like us, have an observation and a question to pose. Wasn’t the iPhone 7 released little over a year ago? Is the iPhone X really that much better than models that have come before it? The iPhone is as far removed from a discount phone, as South African tech buffs have ever come to know. We cant deny that it is Apples most eye catching upgrade, with a stunning OLED screen, great security features and water and dust resistance. However, it does sacrifice some of the iconic features we have come to characterise iPhones to be. The iPhone 7 was arguably the fastest smartphone on the planet, until the iPhone and X were launched. It still packs awesome stamina, and now adds the label of a great value for money. With 2 upgrades now on the market, the 7 series can now be enjoyed at a generous discount, allowing South Africans to own a fantastic Apple product at a generous discount. Add the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to the mix, and Apple enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with powerful devices at a fraction of the initial costs.

Tech Exchange – unbeatable discounts for top Tech Products. At Tech Exchange we love new technology and cant contain our excitement at product releases. However, our philosophy is to supply South Africa with the cutting edge smartphones at the best available discounts. If you are in the market for a top end Samsung or Apple product, Tech Exchange offer unbeatable discounts of up to 50% off the retail price of your favorite smartphones and devices. It has never been a better time to upgrade to a genuine refurbished or demo smartphone device, at a healthy discounted price. Be Smart, Get Connected.

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