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Is there a brand better than Apple?

Huawei have truly outdone themselves, but can it be possible for them to have outdone Apple?

The Chinese-based tech company Huawei, have just released their latest and greatest models yet and Techexchange is impressed! Believe it or not, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus have ridiculously awesome features and specs, just to name a few all-metal frames, diamond-cut edges, 2.5D glass, new fast charging technology, 32GB / 64GB memory and are available in six different colours.

Here is the biggest catch though the P9 and P9 plus cameras have been created in collaboration with Leica a renowned camera brand. The one camera on the phone takes photos in colour, with a full RBG sensor. The additional camera only captures in black and white, with a monochrome sensor. This allows the proud owner to get high quality photos no matter what the circumstances or lighting conditions are. The Huawei / Leica camera actually finds a focal point in your photo after you’ve taken the picture, instead of before, which aids in eliminating blurriness.

How does this compare to well-known smartphones like the iPhone? With the Apple iPhone 6 measuring at 5,44 inches and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus 6,22 inches they are quite large in comparison to the new Huaweis. The P9 measures around 5.2 inches, while the P9 Plus is 5.5 inches pocket friendly right? Huawei says that its phones’ cameras let in 270% more light than the iPhone 6S. So, if you are interested in snapping the best selfies ever, consider the P9 or P9 Plus as your new phone for 2016.

As for availability, the phones will be available in South Africa by June and will retail at a recommended price of R11 999.00. Huaweis head of the consumer business group, Charlene Munilall, has said that the phone will also be available on contract from around R499.00 per month not too bad!

We will let you know as soon as we receive demo or pre-owned stock, in the meantime make the most of your Apple, Nokia or Blackberry devices!

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