Free Shipping on all orders over R1000 anywhere in South Africa

Make Money on your Upgrade

Techexchange’s partner TechTrader would love to help you make some extra money this month!

Why don’t you keep your perfectly working device and sell us your upgrade? It makes sense, and we are pretty sure that the majority of you don’t need the extensive set of technology on your upgrade, keeping your current phone just makes sense.

Take the extra money and travel, shop, save or just spoil yourself!


1.) Proof of Purchase (anything linking you to the device)

2.) Proof of Residency

3.) Copy of your ID

TechTrader will only buy brand new devices that are still in their original packaging with the original wrapping / seal on the boxed device. If this seal is broken we will not buy the device at the value of a new device, as the manufacturer warranty is not still applicable and will therefore be graded as DEMO. We recommend chatting to your network / service provider before receiving the device in order to inform them to not damage the packaging or break the seal in any way.

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