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What is the difference?

We have all the answers for you! Techexchange specializes in a variety of graded devices. These devices are classified into New, Demo and Refurbished and are placed in these categories depending on where they came from and their condition.

What we can assure you is that all our devices are in perfect condition and work as if brand new, our Quality Control team make sure of it.


Brand new, in the box, sealed and never touched still have the manufacturer warranty attached. These devices are hard to come by and what is great is that we are able to offer them to the public at incredible prices. Check out some of out top new devices here.


Never been used devices. These smartphones or tablets are in perfect condition they look and are basically brand new. Most of these devices have been sourced from networks, networks are not allowed to sell on these devices as the box has been opened, but the phone has never been used. All our demo devices come with a 6 month TechTrader Warranty. Check out some of our top demo devices here.

Techexchange is happy to answer all your questions and assist with any of your sales. Check out our stock, we have great smartphones and tablets currently online. Techexchange specialises in affordable branded smartphone that work with your budget. Whether you want a Samsung or an Apple we have a wide range of affordable smartphones for you in our demo and refurbished categories that are below 30% on the price of their newer counterparts.

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